Ode to Rum Punch

Every restaurant has their own version, but they all have one tying factor: RUM! And plenty of it. What I like about a rum punch is that it is sweet (but not too sweet), there is a large variety of types, and everyone drinks it. It isn’t just a “girly drink.” And nothing this strong could be considered a girly drink anyway. Here is my favorite rum punch recipe. I have included both ingredients available in the US and what we use in Saint Vincent:

One bottle* Sunset (or Bacardi 151)
One bottle* Sparrow (or Cruzan Dark)
2 Boxes Orange Juice (one half gallon orange juice)
2 Boxes Pineapple Juice (one half gallon pineapple juice)
½ bottle* grenadine syrup
One teaspoon nutmeg
3 tablespoons bitters

Mix well and serve over ice with nutmeg as a garnish. Tastes best if it is chilled overnight.

Happy drinking!


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