Art of Med School – Ep. 013 (Adrenal Glands Pt 2, Supplemental Study Aids and Deep Facial Blood Supply!)

Episode 13 of the Art of Med School! This week, Jen and Micah wrap up talking about adrenal glands, the extra study materials Micah uses to pull A’s in med school and the deep blood flow of the face! Listen here, download later or subscribe to us on iTunes. You can also support us by subscribing with Patreon!

We love science and medicine! We also love art and creativity! Our goal is to make the science of medicine, and med school itself, as easily accessible to people like us – people who love science but are more creative and abstract thinkers. We also keep you up to date on our experiences of going to med school in the Caribbean, which is its whole own adventure!

Click here to download episode 13!

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