Packing List: What They Might Not Tell You.

You can buy almost anything you need here. You just need to expect to get a lower quality product at a higher price than you would have paid in the US or Canada. Very few things are manufactured on the island, so nearly everything needs to be shipped in and you will be paying a premium for most consumer products here.


  • Converters: Type G for St. Vincent
  • Power strip/ surge protector
  • Bug protection
    • Temporary adjustable screens for window (using velcro and fabric mesh)
    • Citronella Candles
    • Wristbands for bugs
  • Essential things for you
    • I brought a really good kitchen knife.
    • If you need a special kind of lotion/hair product/brand of peanut butter – don’t assume you can get it here
  • Coffee and French Press
    • Most people drink instant coffee here
  • Rain Gear
    • It rains A LOT. So bring a rainjacket or an umbrella or both
  • Clip-on fan for the power type
  • Long stick lighter for stoves
  • Cardigan for cold classrooms
  • Water bottles
  • Coin purse or wallet with a coin section
    • You will use much more change here
  • Ladies!!
    • Biker shorts to help deal with “chub rub”
    • If you are caucasian, assume you can’t bring makeup for your skin tone or hair products or dyes for your hair color/type

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