Big News at the Art of Med School!

Jen has left St. Vincent.


“As I think we have mentioned, my background is in theatre arts. While I have found some opportunities on the island, I wanted to do a little bit more. Additionally, I needed to renew my visa. Since I am not in school like Micah, I had to remain on a tourist visa. Being on a tourist visa means that I need to leave the country for the US once every calendar year. So if I had to buy a ticket and leave anyway, I thought I would go back at a time where I could make some money! This summer. I am working at the Black Hills Playhouse in beautiful Custer State Park in South Dakota. I will be managing front of house activities as well as performing in one of the shows. In the fall, I will be directing a play at Augustana University.  While I am sad to be leaving Micah, I am really excited for the opportunities I will have making theatre with some very talented individuals. I am looking forward to maintaining my professional resume. I am excited to see what supporting Micah looks like from afar. You will be getting updates from me as well as him. We thank you for your ongoing support for us during this process.”

  • Jen