Common Residency Interview Questions

Interview season is quickly approaching, and you’re working on getting your application rolling. Once that is done, though, you should quickly pivot to preparing for the interviews. There isn’t a great way to do that other than practice. This is what we recommend for this year’s match:

Take this file (courtesy of EMRA) and copy+paste it into a document.

Go through and answer each question. You don’t have to write out fully formed thoughts or anything, just make enough notes to ensure that you’ve adequately thought about each one. 

Line up a few trusted friends and send them the original PDF.

They pick a handful of those questions at random, and then on a video call, ask you those questions. You don’t have to answer exactly what you put down, but hopefully the prewriting will help you form a stronger response in the moment.

It’d be great if some medical people could give feedback on answers, but unless they are involved in selecting residents, don’t put too much stock in their opinions. Temper it is all.

Non-medical friends and family are still great for helping you just get comfortable with chatting online. If you can record it, even better. Listen to your audio. Look at your lighting. Check out your background. Are you making good eye contact with the camera or are you watching yourself in the corner of the screen? These are all things that can help you standout from the other interviewees.

This is a strange time that we’re living in, but we’re all going to get through this together. Stay flexible and adaptable, and you’ll make it through the Match.