Personal Websites And Why You Need One

These days, everyone is about their social media and few people think about a personal website. However, personal websites are not expensive, relatively easy to build and provide certain privileges that social media don’t.

1. You Look More Like a Professional
Even just having your own domain name goes a long way. What is the difference in professionalism felt by having an email that ends with vs Domain names can be purchased for as little as $8/yr and often come with free email.

2. Control Your Image
When potential recruiters, patients or just anyone you generally care about search for your name, having your own website allows you to determine what kind of information they find. Keep your social media securities tight and curate what personal information they find through your personal website.

3. It Allows a More Complete Picture
You’re allowed to have fun with your website and provide different views of who you are. When I mapped mine out, I looked at my CV and thought “what are things that on here that I wish they could understand better?” That helped to drive a lot of my extra content for the website.

For an example of how personal websites work, check out the one I just revamped for myself here –

You can also cruise Jen’s website, designed for the theater/education industry by clicking here –