Art of Med School – Ep. 005 (Tissues of the Abdomen, Packing Pt 2, Your Skin!)

This is episode 5 of the Art of Med School! Feels crazy, but we’ve made it over a month now! Hopefully, we’ll also be able to add some additional content soon. The audio quality on this one is a bit better, too, as we keep refining our recording process. When you’re on a Caribbean island, you kind of have to work with what you’ve got!

In this episode, we talk about the various tissues of the abdomen, we do a second installment on what to pack and last, get to know your skin!

We love science and medicine! We also love art and creativity! Our goal is to make the science of medicine, and med school itself, as easily accessible to people like us – people who love science but are more creative and abstract thinkers. We also keep you up to date on our experiences of going to med school in the Caribbean, which is its whole own adventure!



Download Episode 005 Here!

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